Monday, July 28, 2008

Locked Out

Have you ever locked you keys in you car or truck? It can be one of the most annoying things in the world, especially if you leave the spare key at home, and your cell phone in the car, leaving you no way to get n or call for help. This very thing happened to me just today. I made my way back to the car after spending some time in the Orange City Wal-mart. I got into the car and inserted the keys into the ignition, only to remember that I was supposed to pick up a pack of ground chuck for our dinner. I got out of the car, locking the door as I went, completely forgetting that Ihad already stuck the keys in the ignition. I went back into the store, bought the meat, and walked back to the car. As I reached into my pocket for the keys, I realized my mistake. I also realized that my cell phone was sitting on the passenger seat, seeming to taunt me. It took me a full half an hour(during which time I was trying to break into my own car) to realize tht all I had to do was go back into the store and ask to use a phone. I did and managed to find someone who was willing to come out and bring me my spare key. Sittng at a table at the in-store Subway shop, drinking a Red Bull, waiting for my friend to show up, I realized how stupid I could be and that this was the first time I had done this, but it would most likely not be my last. I laughed at myself as my friend pulled up with my spare key,(which from now on is not leaving my wallet.) I still have a whole lot to learn.

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Thaddeus Glapp said...

At least you didn't leave it running. I did that once and it ran out of gas before the locksmith got there to break into it, so when I finally did get into the car I couldn't drive it anywhere and instead had to walk to the nearest gas station to get gas.