Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mixed Emotions

If you have ever made a really close friend and then had to leave that friend as you moved across state, you will be able to under stand what I'm going to talk about here. I have lived at the Florida Sheriffs Boys Ranch in Live Oak Florida for the last three years of my life, and come yesterday, I have left the Ranch and my friends to come home permently. Since I arrived at my home at 11:25 on the 21st., I have not really been the same person that I had been before. I feel empty, like something's missing. I have gotten really close to a couple of the kids at the Ranch, and I knew that I was going to miss them when I left, I just didn't realize how badly I was going to miss them. I cryed when I had to say good bye, espically to Kyle, one of the boys I had developed a true friendship with. We were closer then brothers, Best of friends. When I turned to him to say goodbye, I burst into tears and pulled him into a hug. We both cried as we embraced. I miss him more then I thought I would, I'm ashamed to say that typing that almost got me crying again, not just for Kyle, or Cody, another boy I formed a close bond with, but for the Ranch itself, all of the staff members there that I will miss. I had serious mixed emotions about leaving, part of me did, part of me didn't. Part of me was actually happy to finally be able to leave, the other part of me was stricken be grief, reluctant to leave because of the people that I was leaving behind. If those two emotions got into a fight, I would have to say thay the sadness and reluctance to leave the people that I care so deeply for, both staff and youth alike, would win by a longshot.


Thaddeus Glapp said...

Life's just getting started for you, James. Get out there and make it happen.

James G. said...

Thank You. I will miss you all very much, but I will do the best that I can to move on.